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Hey guys!

I’m in need of a beta reader who can work fast and help me out with my Paperlegends fic. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my beta reader is unable to help me out.

I already have two wonderful people who are helping me out with grammar and spelling, so your job would mainly be to make sure the story doesn’t contradict itself, and (if you’re British) to britpick away all my Americanisms. Because of this, I’d prefer if you’re an English native speaker, and even better if you’re British.

Due to the rating on my fic (E/NC-17), you must be at least over 17 years of age (and preferably a few years more).

This is extremely late, and I don’t really expect this post to result in anything, but there’s no harm in trying…

Panic mode

Apr. 28th, 2013 04:43 pm
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I've started to panic. Not horrendously, yet, but just slightly. I don't understand how I'm supposed to get everything done. BB, work, meeting family, meeting friends, writing, podficcing! And I want to do ALL those things! Well, except work, but I can't exactly skip that, now, can I?

I just don't get it. How does everyone else manage?
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Suddenly feeling a lot of pressure again. No worries, though, I'll work through it. I just have to put ABC on hold for a week or so. We've gotten our LM parts to read, and I'm worried because I've lost my podfic mojo slightly lately. I've lost my everything mojo lately, actually. Hah. But I at least wrote something the night to yesterday (only 3,000 words, but it's a lot for me), and the lovely Cee has beta'ed it, and I'll put it up on AO3 in a few days (or at the end of the week, at the latest).

And I should also look through my cv and job applications (and maybe write some more), and send them.

But first, I need to sleep. I really, really, really need to sleep.
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Am in the process of recording two podfics: one on my own, and one together with a group of other people. It's fun, but it takes up a lot of time I'm not sure I really have (especially while doing the BB, too). But I'll try and make it work! I want it to work.


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